Ingredient-First Skincare

Every ingredient has a purpose. Our formulations are made with optimal concentrations and combinations that make the most effective product.

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Transparency In Formulations

You will never find ineffective ingredients in our products. No marketing ploys. No fillers. That’s why we show the percentage of our main ingredients in each of our products. And we are sure to use the optimal, required doses to make them effective. That means we aren’t putting a minuscule amount of an ingredient in a formulation just to say we have it. No more and no less.

Here’s what we mean:
You will find Vitamin C in a lot of skincare products, but without the best formulation and/or optimum percentage of Vitamin C, it’s common for it to oxidize or degenerate, resulting in it being useless. Based on clinical studies, we’ve made sure to use a Vitamin C derivative that doesn’t oxidize, so you get all the amazing benefits (like reducing fine lines and wrinkles).

  • Leaping Bunny Certified

    Means we guarantee that no new animal testing will happen in the development of any products.

  • 100% Vegan

    Means our products are not produced from any animal or animal byproduct.

More Than Just Skin Care

We are all on the journey of self-discovery. We believe that starting and ending your day with intent and self-care helps take you one step closer to finding a balanced life.

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