What to Do When Skincare Products Aren’t Working

What to Do When Skincare Products Aren’t Working

You like to take care of yourself.

You’re all about skincare products that feel good on your skin, soak in perfectly, and leave your skin—and you—feeling refreshed and not weighed down. The right skincare product should not only leave you feeling more comfortable in your skin, but more confident too.

In other words, you like skincare products that work, and work well.

So what happens when you buy a skincare product that doesn’t work?

Why Skincare Products Fail

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When a skincare product simply doesn’t work, you may wonder why. After all, you spent all of this money on a product that isn’t providing the value it promised and has fallen WAY short of your expectations.

The answer to why it isn’t working can be more complex than you might think. Let’s break it down:

  • Ingredients: Have you checked out the product's ingredients? If there are a lot of fillers and/or artificial or manufactured ingredients, you may have found the culprit.
  • Concentration: Does the product have the right concentration of ingredients? If it’s concentrated too much or too little, the product will oxidize.
  • Standards: Does the brand follow EU, FDA, or other country-, region-, or government-specific standards?
  • Other considerations: Is the product made by a cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly company? Are they transparent with these values?

If you can’t find this information, it’s probably a red flag, and you’ve most likely discovered why the product isn’t effective.

How to Find Products that Work—and Work Well

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Healthy, glowy skin doesn’t happen by accident. Here’s what you should be looking for in skincare products when it comes to the four points above.


The ingredients a product contains are essential in order to dive deep into the pores. The company’s approach to skincare should be ingredient-first and only use ingredients that have a purpose. Natural and vegan ingredients are your best bet for an effective product that helps you maintain smooth, healthy-looking skin.


Unfortunately, a lot of brands don’t focus on the concentration of their products, making them essentially useless. Choose a skincare company that uses optimal concentrations of each key ingredient (like vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acid) in order to be highly effective.


Look for a brand that follows EU regulations, or other similar standards set by a governing body. This will ensure the bar is set very high in terms of manufacturing practices, supervision of cosmetics, and the safety of raw materials and ingredients.

Other Considerations

The product in question should be manufactured by a company that is cruelty-free (doesn’t use animal testing when developing products), environmentally-friendly (uses sustainable packaging), and vegan (products aren’t produced from any animal or animal byproduct).

The Bottom Line

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Taking care of ourselves should feel good, which is why we should also feel good about the products we use.

If you're looking for skincare products that actually give you the transformation you want, and that you can feel good about using - following the four points above will take you a long way and save you from the hassle of dealing with ineffective skincare products.

One of the few brands that has worked hard to uphold these high standards is Feel Beauty. An ingredients first skincare brand that has a product line made on the foundation of transparency: Which not only means more safety for you, but also a very high chance that it actually works and keeps its promises for you, and your skin.

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