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Let’s breaks down AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) & Vitamin C Toner. The first key ingredient is Glycolic Acid. We include 3.85% Glycolic Acid, which belongs to the Alpha Hydroxy Acid family, to remove dead skin cells to reveal your smoother, brighter, glowing skin. Just think exfoliation. Studies have found Glycolic Acid to increase skin elasticity while also reducing roughness and wrinkle depth.

The second ingredient is Ascorbyl Isoterate, a Vitamin C derivative that doesn’t oxidize (like other forms do). We include 2% Ascorbyl Isoterate which is the strongest level permitted under European regulations. You might recognize Ascorbyl Isotearate more commonly as Vitamin C. Vitamin C is great to help brighten dark spots and hyperpigmentation while promoting collagen formation.

AHA & Vitamin C Toner also includes Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel), Panthenol, Orange Peel Oil, and more, to provide antioxidant properties, skin conditioning, and other benefits to make skin look and feel smooth and nourished.