The Journal Issue 01

We are interested in the impossibletask of genuinely knowing “the self”and the practices forself understanding

We are very excited to share Issue 01 of The Journal Seven Humans share their journey in self awareness

Self-awareness is a complex topic with many facets to explore. Starting with Issue 01, The Feel Journal begins with an introduction to the topic of self-awareness as a whole. Seven varying perspectives of articles, poems and interviews converge in dialogue within these pages. Included is a Gratitude Journal for your use — gratitude journalling is a simple first step towards a deeper self awareness and it’s tangible benefits.

“Start observing in your day how much you listen to your fear, what comes from fear, and what comes from love.”

Thinking of ourselves as both fixed and fluid over time is what enables us to cope with the changes in life and make purposeful decisions about the direction we ought to go. Reconciling this difference between fixed and fluid involves continually checking in with ourselves to see where we are currently and what will take us to where we would like to be next. It requires forming a relationship with ourselves based on a continued pursuit of understanding.

This journey of self awareness continues to be transformative for us at Feel — we hope you can find some value in what we have created with you in mind.