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Why you should swap your regular deep skin cleanser for Korean sheet masks

Why you should swap your regular deep skin cleanser for Korean sheet masks
"Thanks to the activated charcoal, acne and blemishes are really no match for a mask like this."

When it comes to getting serious about skin care, us women want to be on the cutting edge of beauty innovation. We want flawless skin, and we want it now — and that’s exactly why so many women are turning toward the skin care regimens of South Korean women.

Korean beauty — or “K-beauty” — is at the forefront of skin care with more than a decade of advancement in innovation behind it compared to the rest of the world. More money is spent on skin care products by Korean women than women in any other country, and they invest twice as much of their income on beauty than Americans do.

Needless to say, K-beauty is where it’s at.

Korean beauty experts believe that the real secret to radiant, flawless looking skin comes from using products made with only the purest and most natural ingredients. Their facial sheet masks are recognized globally for their powerful cleansing and intense hydration effects that contain ingredients as peculiar as snail mucin.

Sitting around with a sheet of snail goo on your face, however, might not exactly be part of your ideal skin care regimen — nor is it necessary. Lucky for you, there are lots of other sheet mask options that contain powerful cleansing and moisturizing properties from ingredients that come straight from the Earth, like charcoal and natural plant extracts.

The magic of activated charcoal will blow your mind.

The new Feel Brilliant Bamboo Charcoal Facial Sheet Mask has been designed to powerfully detoxify the skin and minimize pores. Imagine all those toxins and excess oils in your skin being loosened and drawn out by a magnet — because that’s exactly how the activated charcoal works. It binds to all that gunk hiding beneath your skin’s surface and lifts it away for deep purification that naturally makes your pores look smaller.

Thanks the the activated charcoal, acne and blemishes are really no match for a mask like this. Its super absorbent, magnetic-like strength combined with its antibacterial properties gets to the root of impurities and reduces any signs of inflammation like redness or swelling.

A few extra plant-based goodies like willow bark extract, raspberry ketone, and cypress leaf extract complement the charcoal’s deep cleansing power. Willow bark acts as a natural exfoliator while raspberry ketone enhances elasticity. Cypress leaf has antiseptic properties that aid toxin removal and infection healing.

Let’s not forget to rehydrate that beautiful skin of yours!

Deep cleansing is wonderful, but there’s always the issue of being overly drying once it’s all be said and done. Dryness after deep cleansing can sometimes make your face feel as tight as a balloon that’s ready to pop, which is why our mask contains hyaluronic acid to help balance out the detoxification properties of the charcoal. Hyaluronic acid — a clear substance that’s naturally produced by the body — gently nourishes and tones the skin by drawing water toward it and locking moisture right in.

Aside from all these super effective, super Earth-friendly ingredients, the sheet mask itself is made from non-woven bamboo fiber, which lends itself to the skin-firming, wrinkle-banishing, anti-aging effects many women are really going for. Bamboo contains silica— a mineral naturally found in the cells of our bodies — which helps rebuild collagen for vibrant and youthful looking skin.

Pamper yourself, because you deserve it.

All you need is 30 minutes of downtime once a week where you can put this mask on and pray that nobody in your household screams when they see you. The mask is very black due to the activated charcoal ingredient, so you might even want to keep your distance from the cat or dog in case they have trouble recognizing you.

Grab a glass of wine, your favorite book, and relax as you let the mask do its magic. Because honestly, your skin deserves to be pampered just as much as the skin of a Korean beauty queen!

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