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Who is Feel?

Who is Feel?
"life is made of emotions, and the emotions you Feel create your world—including how you look."

On the surface, life is a visual experience.

We say that seeing is believing. We try to control the visuals in our world -- like what we wear and how we look.

But if you’ve ever had one of those moments where you let life sink into you, and you experienced a real, deep happiness (or sadness), you instinctively know that “seeing is believing”... well that just isn’t true.

You realize that life is made of emotions, and the emotions you Feel create your world—including how you look .

Even if you believe this to be true, it’s so easy to forget despite the fact that you’ve felt it before.

Maybe we all need a reminder?

On the surface, Feel is a beauty brand. We offer beauty products.

But our purpose is quite different: We want to turn your beauty ritual into a positive emotional experience.

Beauty products are associated with visual experiences and trying to look a certain way. But what about those emotions that create your world? Where are the products or the brands that help you Feel?

So now it’s time to kick some knowledge. Indulge us for a minute if you don’t mind.

One definition of beauty is something that is whole. A woman is beautiful when she is expressing her emotions, without hiding them or covering them up or trying to change them into something else. It makes her human. It makes her whole.

And something that is whole just feels right. It feels comfortable. It doesn’t feel anxious or scared or angry.

What it means is that understanding, accepting and being supportive of our emotions is critical to our experience of life, and to the way others experience us. So why not take a step in that direction?

Feel is leading the charge to help you make that change, and to create that space where you can turn your beauty ritual into the most powerful positive emotional anchor in your life.

Imagine if you could Feel that way everyday? Amazing, right?!

And these are not empty promises or clichés. You can expect to see lots of amazing things from Feel, from articles that really speak to our purpose to interviews and panels with women that have done the heavy lifting of life.

It’s positive, optimistic and it’s a new vision for the place of emotions in your life. They’re as central as your beauty routine.

We think the more time you spend with us, the better off you’ll be!

And isn’t that the point of all this? We sure think so.

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