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The Rise of “No Rules” Beauty

The Rise of “No Rules” Beauty
"... but modern women are getting ideas about their own beauty, and the look is more personalized than ever."

Take a quick glance at the section of the newsstand filled with fashion magazines. Chances are, you can guess exactly what you’ll see.

 Poreless skin.

 Incredibly chiseled cheekbones.

 And of course, perfect makeup (including perfect “no-makeup makeup” and bushy, boyish brows that, still, were likely groomed by Anastasia Soare herself).

 Whether or not you’re personally affected by these images, unrealistic beauty standards in glossy ad campaigns are 100% expected.

 But that doesn’t mean we’ll continue to accept these industry-set benchmarks of beauty. In fact, we’re beginning to see a move towards images of women who aren’t Photoshopped… for women who don’t wake up to a glam squad.

 In fact, this movement simply seems to be about doing whatever the hell you please.

 The new movement among young women -- based around a growing acceptance of unique personalities and physical uniqueness -- is gaining momentum and spreading outward into the world.

 You’ve noticed, right?

 Welcome to the era of No Rules beauty!

 These days, anything is on the table. Want a fresh, natural face that shows off your freckles? Skip the foundation for a day (or forever).

 Do you find inspiration in bold red lipstick, liquid liner, and brightly colored eyewear? Make your ‘80s comeback.

 Feel like boldly showing off a before-after makeup photo demonstrating how well your concealer disguises your breakouts? Prepare for lots of Likes.

 Beauty editors can argue all day about which looks are on trend and which are so last season, but modern women are getting ideas about their own beauty, and the look is more personalized than ever .

 Makeup can be fun, creative, barely there, or absent altogether. Glammed up or stripped down, the key is is figuring out what gets you excited, empowered and most of all, feeling like yourself.

 More importantly, the No Rules aesthetic shows our genuine desire to cast off the pressures of perfection .

 This generation of women is redefining what it means to be beautiful through self-expression, and a standard “one size fits all” type of beauty just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

 Makeup now comes in all different shades and styles, including black and blue lip stains. On the flip side, actress Drew Barrymore - despite owning her own cosmetic line - shows off her imperfections with a makeup free look on Instagram. And she’s not alone. These days, posting pictures of your flaws is just as common as sharing what your newest lipstick can do.

 Narrow definitions of beauty probably aren’t disappearing anytime soon, but it does feel like the public is hungry for something authentic and honest.

 Clearly, the new generation of women is striving to make things easier for all of us by promoting a spirit of creativity and inclusivity within the beauty industry.

 Different is beautiful.

 Women are openly supportive of each other, celebrating diversity in a way that feels both relatable and revolutionary.

 Are you in?

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